Mike Ingles Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing articles robots

Mike Ingles Discusses Robots’ Impact on Productivity in Manufacturing

Mike Ingles recently discussed robots’ impact on productivity in U.S. manufacturing in two Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing articles, one entitled “Robots Open New Possibilities for Processors, Workers,” and another entitled “Processors Hustling to Add More Robots...

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AMT Mike Jacobs CEO robot presentation

Michael Jacobs Shares Overview of Current Robot Industry to CEO Organization

Applied Manufacturing Technologies’ Founder and CEO Michael Jacobs presented ‘The State of System Integrators and Robots’ to Chief Executives Organization.

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Applied Manufacturing Technologies PLC COntrolled Robots

PLC Controlled Robots

PLC controlled robots are not a magic bullet, but can provide cost savings to manufacturers by limiting the specialized support traditionally needed to manage robotic automation.

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Robotic Material Handling, Custom Automation for Thermoforming Client

A large player in the food and beverage industry contracted AMT to design automation to fit between and connect two existing thermoforming processes. The automation was rolled out to multiple production lines in a facility with a 24/7, high speed continuous production...

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FANUC robot drill

Reducing the Variables: Getting Accurate Motion from Inaccurate Robots

Blog post by Senior Application Engineer David McMillan. David has been in the robotics industry for more than 20 years, and is one of AMT’s go-to people for new or unusual technologies. For more information on AMT’s expertise in robotic applications, visit this link.

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