Improving Robot Accuracy: An eBook by David McMillan

eBook by Senior Application Engineer David McMillan. In this engaging and informative eBook, McMillan shares lessons learned on projects in a variety of industries.

In part one, learn how to reduce the variables in your robotic system with some general AMT eBook robot accuracy thumblessons learned (the hard way) over the course of several robotic projects that required accuracy approaching, if not beating, the robot's inherent repeatability. 

Part two covers how to implement "move, measure, correct" to get more accurate motion from inaccurate robots.  Learn the major stumbling blocks and the questions that should be asked during the design and integration phases of any systems  that need a high level of accuracy. 

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How to Increase Robot Accuracy: Getting Accurate Motion From Inaccurate Robots

Table of Contents

Part One: Reducing the VariablesAccuracy-Precision-fig 1 transparent

  • Backlash
  • The Search for a Solution
  • Back to the Drawing Board
  • Surprisingly Simple Solution?
  • Navigating Between the Landmarks
  • Almost
  • Shelf Life
  • The Wrap Up

Part Two: Move, Measure, Correct

  • Closing the Looprobot accuracy image
  • How Much Accuracy Do You Need?
  • Calibrate to Collaborate
  • Check, Re-Check, Recalibrate
  • Mutual Calibration
  • The Hard Way
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • The Wrap Up

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