Brendan Zarycky AMT

Recent Oakland University Grad Brendan Zarycky Joins AMT

Blog post by Automation Engineer Brendan Zarycky who joined AMT in 2022 after receiving his Bachelor of Engineering in electrical and electronics engineering from Oakland University.

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AMT Automation Academy

Our Automation Academy Sets Us Apart

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Mitch LeBlanc

What Led Mitch LeBlanc to AMT and Why He Loves It Here

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Mike Jacobs Honored with Engelberger Robotics Award

AMT Founder and CEO Mike Jacobs reflects on his career and what receiving the Engelberger Robotics Award for Leadership means to him.

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AMT entry level to mentor

From “Entry Level Automation Engineer” To “Mentor”

Once a food restaurant manager, Lawrence Nixon was working long hours to make ends meet. After some soul searching, he took a risk and enrolled in college – while still working full time and parenting three young children.  His new training in robotics led him to start...

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Mike Ingles Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing articles robots

Mike Ingles Discusses Robots’ Impact on Productivity in Manufacturing

Mike Ingles recently discussed robots’ impact on productivity in U.S. manufacturing in two Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing articles, one entitled “Robots Open New Possibilities for Processors, Workers,” and another entitled “Processors Hustling to Add More Robots...

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AMT Craig Salvalaggio Food Quality Safety article

Craig Salvalaggio Addresses Automation in Food Quality & Safety

Craig Salvalaggio was recently interviewed for a Food Quality & Safety article entitled “How Automation Technology is Changing the Food and Beverage Industry” by Andrea Tolu.

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AMT palletizing definitions infographic

Palletizing, Depalletizing and Decanting Terminology Defined

As industrial automation penetrates more deeply into the U.S. manufacturing, warehousing and eCommerce markets, the terminology for front- and end-of-line solutions can be confusing. Use this reference and infographic to understand the lingo.

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AMT case handling videos palletizing decanting

Automated Case Handling Videos Showcase New Technology

Our two newest videos showcase the latest developments in technology for robotic palletizing and decanting in automated case handling operations.

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AMT choosing a system integrator partner eBok Craig Salvalaggio

Choosing an SI Partner: An eBook by Craig Salvalaggio

Whether you’re an experienced automation user or considering automation for the first time, following a documented process when selecting a system integrator partner will help you make a best-fit choice to ensure project success.

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