Craig Salvalaggio Robot Industry podcast

Industry Trends and the “Amazon Effect” - The Robot Industry Podcast with Guest Craig Salvalaggio

AMT’s Chief Operating Officer Craig Salvalaggio was interviewed by Jim Beretta of The Robot Industry Podcast, discussing the pandemic and the “Amazon effect” it has imposed on the industrial automation industry.

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AMT robot accuracy David McMillan

Move, Measure, Correct: Making Robots More Accurate than They're Supposed to Be

eBook by Senior Application Engineer David McMillan. David has been in the robotics industry for more than 20 years, and is one of AMT’s go-to people for new or unusual technologies. For more information on AMT’s expertise in robotic applications, visit this link.

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AMT Steve Hohenadel

AMT Employee Spotlight: Steve Hohenadel

If you have worked with the robotics or control solutions groups at AMT in the last half-dozen years, perhaps you have run into Steve Hohenadel. “Steve is one of the hardest working guys that I know,” said Jason Markesino, Engineering Group Leader.  “He puts the...

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AMT Cover and Move tactic

Cover and Move

Blog post by Mark McGinnis

“Cover and Move” is one of the first laws of combat. One member of the team lays down cover fire. This cover fire puts the enemy on the defensive, allowing the other person to move. This tactic is relevant to any team that must maneuver...

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AMT robotic palletizing

10 Key Considerations for Developing the Optimal Palletizing/Depalletizing Solution

Automating palletizing and depalletizing is far from one-size-fits-all. Applied Manufacturing Technologies shares tips and key considerations gleaned from decades of experience in creating robust robotic material handling solutions.

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AMT preparing for digital transformation

Preparing for a Digital Transformation: Is Your Manufacturing Company Ready?

Change is happening. Market requirements, customer expectations, and business processes are digitizing rapidly, and your facility needs to keep up. But how do you make a digital shift in your manufacturing company? What are the steps you should take? How can...

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AMT GSI Rick Vanden Boom

Featured in Control Engineering, Rick Vanden Boom Provides Valuable Insights from a Robotic Material Handling and Custom Automation Project

AMT’s Vice President of Sales Rick Vanden Boom authored “Revamped HMI Provides Better Process Control,” originally published in Control Engineering’s 2019 Global Systems Integrator Report.

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AMT Employee Spotlight: Josh Galloway

In this edition, we are shining the spotlight on Josh Galloway.  Josh has been AMT’s IT Specialist for most of his 17-year tenure at the company, responsible for the company’s network infrastructure and help desk support. 

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Remote Support for Overseas Integrators and Equipment Suppliers

Have the travel restrictions stalled your equipment installation? During the COVID pandemic, US-based AMT developed a remote industrial connectivity kit called R-Connect, and began offering installation and support services for domestic companies working with...

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CSIA Talking Industrial Automation: Craig Salvalaggio

Applied Manufacturing Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer Craig Salvalaggio is featured in episode 42 of the Talking Industrial Automation podcast hosted by Lisa Richter of the Control System Integrators Association. Craig’s thoughtful answers to Lisa’s questions...

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