AMT Mike Jacobs CEO robot presentation

Michael Jacobs Shares Overview of Current Robot Industry to CEO Organization

Applied Manufacturing Technologies’ Founder and CEO Michael Jacobs presented ‘The State of System Integrators and Robots’ to Chief Executives Organization.

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AMT Craig Salvalaggio Talent 101

Craig Salvalaggio Discusses Recruiting and Retaining Employees to Build a Winning Team

Craig Salvalaggio participated in an hour-long roundtable discussion 'Talent 101: Build a Winning Team' hosted by Clayton & McKervey in August 2021.

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AMT Controls Engineering Manager Featured in Food Engineering

Featured in Food Engineering, AMT Discusses Controls Updates

AMT’s Controls Engineering Manager was featured in the July 2021 article “System integrators and hardware suppliers look at the mechanics of controls updates” by Wayne Labs of Food Engineering.

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AMT paper industry

AMT Partners with Paper-Industry Client to Start Production After OEM Mishap

Applied Manufacturing Technologies partners with client to overcome major challenges when installing and adding safety protocols to overseas manufacturing equipment and reprogramming stand-alone systems to work together in a robotic production cell. The diverse...

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AMT Pete DeCaussin

AMT Employee Spotlight: Pete DeCaussin

In 2009, Pete DeCaussin started what he called the "best adventure in employment" he has ever had when he began as a contractor with AMT's Automated Systems Group, though at that time it was known as Adaptive Systems. He initially joined the team to support the...

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AMT digital transformation

Preparing for Digital Transformation: Is Your Company Ready?

As market requirements, customer experiences, and business processes change, the digital footprint of your facility will transform as well. Are you ready?

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AMT embraces IIoT

Featured in Control Design, AMT Embraces the IIoT

AMT’s Director – Controls Application was featured in the March 2021 article “IIoT Empowered by Data Analytics at AMT” by Mike Bacidore of Control Design.

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AMT Employee Spotlight: Kevin Gibson

Chalk it up to luck, one never knows where they will find excellent engineers! An avid outdoorsman, Kevin Gibson first learned about AMT in an unlikely place: a campground in Lexington, Michigan. A few years ago, Kevin and his wife Nicole were camping and happened...

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AMT design considerations temperature controlled food processing plants

Nine Key Design Considerations When Automating Processes in Temperature Controlled Food Production Plants

With more than three decades of successful automation projects under our belt, we are sharing nine key considerations for designing and installing automation in the cold environments of food processing plants, such as for the meat, meat substitute, seafood, dairy,...

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AMT virtual FAT

Factory Acceptance Tests: Virtual Buyoff Opportunities for Systems

There are many benefits of a virtual factory acceptance test, from savings in cost and time to greater accessibility for stakeholders. Virtual FATs can present challenges, so be sure to follow our tips for success.

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