Craig Salvalaggio Robot Industry podcast

The “Amazon Effect” - Robot Industry Podcast with Craig Salvalaggio

AMT’s Chief Operating Officer Craig Salvalaggio was interviewed by Jim Beretta of The Robot Industry Podcast, discussing the pandemic and the “Amazon effect” it has imposed on the industrial automation industry.

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Jason Fortune Collaborative Robotics article

Collaborative Robot Safety: Assessing Risk and Making Changes

AMT gives guidance on assessing and mitigating collaborative robot safety risks in an article published by Today’s Motor Vehicles, August 26, 2019.

Often, manufacturers wait until a safety issue has occurred to bring in safety experts. However, assessing risk in the... read more
AMT Terry presentation RIA

What You Don’t Know About Collaborative Robots CAN Hurt You

On October 17, 2019, AMT’s ASG Controls Manager Terry Meister gave a 90-minute presentation at the International Robot Safety Conference entitled What You Don’t Know About Collaborative Robot Safety CAN Hurt You. The conference was sponsored by the Robotics Industries...

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