AMT: Expanding Facilities & Enhancing Manufacturing

Since 1989, Applied Manufacturing Technologies has been an industry leader in automated solutions. Specializing in advanced material handling, system integration, and cutting-edge autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for warehousing and logistics, we have the experience, expertise, and facilities to do large line builds, setting us apart from other integrators. Our ability to handle extensive end-to-end builds encompasses all aspects of automated manufacturing, including initial design and planning, implementation, as well as operational and maintenance support. Watch the video below to see a full line being built in our facility.

AMT time lapse video of a large line build in the company's expanded production facilities

AMT Team Experience

At Applied Manufacturing Technologies, we believe our people are our greatest asset, which is why we invest heavily in their development and success. AMT’s Automation Academy is the reason our engineers become talented designers and can integrate seamlessly into our customers’ teams and operations. AMT career development begins with the Academy’s culture of high performance and continuous learning and sets up every new engineer for success through a nine-week hands-on training program in our automation lab facility. Once they graduate, engineers continue to augment their own knowledge and share it through mentoring others joining the academy. This closed loop system of training and mentoring ensures our team remains tight-knit and fully equipped to handle incredible automation challenges, including the one depicted in the time-lapse video above.


Our Expertise

Our robotic Induction system, ROBiN, is a prime example of the caliber of innovation that originates from AMT’s engineering team. ROBiN automates and improves the process of removing and organizing layers of products on pallets for integration into automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). This is accomplished utilizing AI-enabled 3D vision technology alongside machine learning and robotics. ROBiN handles a diverse range of case sizes and shapes, without prior knowledge of the number of cases on a layer, their specific location, or orientation. This capability allows ROBiN to optimize the fill density of totes, therefore increasing efficiency in warehouse operations.

Choosing an integrator to meet the needs of your AMT Craig Salvalaggio choosing SI partner eBookspecific project or your need for ongoing support can be confusing and daunting. Whether you’re an experienced automation user or considering automation for the first time, following a documented process when selecting a system integrator partner will help you make a best-fit choice to ensure project success. Our President and COO Craig Salvalaggio authored an extensive eBook on the process and selection criteria for choosing a system integrator partner. Within the eBook, he describes the relevant role of each member of an automation team. It’s important to note that AMT is fully staffed with expertise to handle all of the roles listed below.

  • Mechanical Engineer
    • Layout and concept
    • Equipment and EOAT design
    • Design team and fabrication source
  • Process Engineer
    • Throughput analysis
    • WIP/buffer/station architect
    • Reach study and simulation
    • Virtual validation
  • Controls Engineer
    • Hardware architecture
    • Software architecture
    • PLC programming
    • Factory floor programming and support
  • Robot Programmer
    • Offline program architecture
    • OLP programming
    • Path teach, calibration and robot operating
    • Factory floor programming and reboot
  • Project Management
    • Project management: scope, time, resources, budget
    • Project technical leadership: experience with assembly and DOE
    • Process development
    • Project cost and equipment management


Orion, Michigan Facilities

Celebrating 35 years in business this year, Applied Manufacturing Technologies has continually evolved to become a leader in automated manufacturing solutions. Spanning over 70,000 square feet across two state-of-the-art facilities in Orion, Michigan, AMT employs a talented team of 120 engineers and houses a specialized lab where the Automation Academy training programs unfold.

The recent completion of our new 35,000 square foot facility complements our existing headquarters and allows us to fully integrate large-payload robotics, advanced 3D and AI-enabled machine vision, sensor technology, the latest control systems and other technologies needed to design and build state-of-the-art automated systems for the warehousing & logistics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive and other industries.

To view more videos, showing completed systems, visit our YouTube channel. Click to learn more about careers at AMT.



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