Choosing an SI Partner: An eBook by Craig Salvalaggio

Whether you’re an experienced automation user or considering automation for the first time, following a documented process when selecting a system integrator partner will help you make a best-fit choice to ensure project success.

This eBook will provide you with the following information:AMT Craig Salvalaggio choosing SI partner eBook

    • Better insight into the end user decision-making process
    • Key criteria on philosophy and strategy when approaching automation initiatives
    • Better understanding of how to right-size the end user-system integrator relationship
    • Qualifying criteria for selecting partners


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The End User's System Integrator Selection Process: A Comprehensive How-To Guide to Selecting the Right System Integrator

Table of Contents

Disruptive Innovation

The End User – What’s Your Philosophy?AMT eBook choosing SI partner eBook by Craig Salvalaggio

Defining the Relationship – the Partner-Vendor Continuum

Levels of Automation Maturity

Preparing Your Organization

The End User – What’s Your Strategy?

              Self-Integrate vs. Outside Integrator?

              Process for System Integrator Selection

              Program Leadership

The System Integrator – Where Does the Value Lie?

              Is Systems Integration a Commodity?

              Benefits of using a System Integratorlevels of automation maturity choosing SI partner Craig Salvalaggio AMT

              Earning Industry Credentials and RIA Certification

              Why Risk Assessments?

The Match – Selection Process

              Selecting an Integrator – Criteria for Success

              Best Practices for End Users

AMT eBook choosing SI partner eBook by Craig Salvalaggio 2 page spread

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