AMT Employee Spotlight: Josh Galloway

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In this edition, we are shining the spotlight on Josh Galloway.  Josh has been AMT’s IT Specialist for most of his 17-year tenure at the company, responsible for the company’s network infrastructure and help desk support. 

Josh was originally hired as an engineering intern to detail drawings, but when the company needed support in IT, he jumped right in to assist in that area as well as taking on myriad other software projects.  “Josh is a very talented software developer as well as a system architect,” said Chief Knowledge Officer Diane Haig.  “He researches and deploys upgrades and additions to our network infrastructure, supports legacy business applications, interfaces third-party applications with our custom programs, and develops new ones.”

In addition to traditional IT expertise, Josh has a diverse skillset in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, and the ability to support a wide variety of engineering and business applications.

Josh has been involved with several major projects in the last few years, including virtualizing most of AMT’s servers and developing internal business applications such as HubSpot and ADP integrations.  In fact, Josh’s HubSpot integration works so well that AMT is pursuing selling it as an app on the HubSpot marketplace.

“Josh is an enthusiastic ‘can-do’ employee and we appreciate his willingness to jump in and tackle new projects outside the scope of his regular responsibilities,” said President Mike Jacobs. “He works hard to help the AMT organization stay on the forefront of both IT and industrial automation technologies. As a company, Josh keeps us running.”

Originally from Royal Oak, Michigan, Josh now calls Lake Orion home.  He and wife Brittany enjoy spending time with their five-year-old son Henry and 18-month-old daughter Delaney.

When not at work or spending time with his family, Josh enjoys coaching Olympic weightlifting.  Along with more than a dozen other athletes, Josh coaches promising Olympic women’s weightlifting hopeful Katherine (Kate) Nye.  The two have traveled all over the world to compete, with Kate winning the 2019 World Championship title in Fiji.  Kate has also competed in Uzbekistan, Cuba, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, and Argentina.  In addition to her current World Championship title, Kate has also set several U.S. women’s weightlifting records, won the Junior World Championship, and is a past Pan Am Champion.

As the coach of Olympic-level athletes, Josh understands that competition can be as much a mental challenge as a physical one.  “Kate is obviously a naturally-talented lifter but she’s really a special competitor due to her mindset,” said Josh. “She’s very self-motivated and loves to compete. Mental toughness is huge in weightlifting especially at the level she’s on, so her ability to make tough lifts on the biggest stages is really a testament to her mental toughness.”

The skills and attitude Josh has developed while coaching elite-level athletes has also spilled over into his work at AMT.  “Josh has a great personality for his line of work; he is always calm and collected.  IT regularly gets involved in emergencies, and Josh takes them in stride,” said Diane.  In turn, Josh appreciates the commitment the management shows towards employees.  “The thing I like best about working for AMT is feeling like I’m part of a supportive team.”  The feeling is clearly mutual. 

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