Craig Salvalaggio Talks IoT Strategy with End-to-End IoT Provider

AMT’s Chief Operating Officer Craig Salvalaggio was interviewed by Ryan Prosser, President and CEO of Very. Ryan interviewed Craig for episode 15 of the Over the Air podcast entitled “IoT Strategy: Firing Bullets Instead of Cannonballs.” Utilizing IoT to improve...

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AMT digital transformation

Preparing for Digital Transformation: Is Your Company Ready?

As market requirements, customer experiences, and business processes change, the digital footprint of your facility will transform as well. Are you ready?

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AMT embraces IIoT

Featured in Control Design, AMT Embraces the IIoT

AMT’s Director – Controls Application was featured in the March 2021 article “IIoT Empowered by Data Analytics at AMT” by Mike Bacidore of Control Design.

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AMT preparing for digital transformation

Preparing for a Digital Transformation: Is Your Manufacturing Company Ready?

Change is happening. Market requirements, customer expectations, and business processes are digitizing rapidly, and your facility needs to keep up. But how do you make a digital shift in your manufacturing company? What are the steps you should take? How can...

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