AMT Employee Spotlight: Steve Hohenadel

MEET Steve Hohenadel-1If you have worked with the robotics or control solutions groups at AMT in the last half-dozen years, perhaps you have run into Steve Hohenadel. “Steve is one of the hardest working guys that I know,” said Jason Markesino, Engineering Group Leader.  “He puts the customer first, and is driven to get the job done.”

“Here is a perfect example from earlier this year. He was working on a retrofit project with a tight timeline. Steve put in long hours and extended his stay to make sure the project was completed successfully. Similarly, on another project that we recently worked on together, Steve would bounce from robot to robot troubleshooting issues until everything was working properly.”

Steve achieved his Associate’s degree in mechatronics, robotics and automation engineering from Oakland Community College. Joining AMT immediately after graduation in 2014, Steve began his career as an automation engineer. Through his project successes, Steve has earned increasing levels of responsibility and is currently a Senior Automation Engineer – Leader.

“My primary responsibilities include the design and implementation of robotic and control system solutions that meet customer specifications,” said Steve. “This requires daily interaction with customers and team members ensuring successful project completion.”

During his tenure at AMT, Steve has worked on a number of high-profile projects, including:

  • FANUC U.K. Enersys Battery Line – Software Leader
  • GM Tonawanda Palletizing / de-palletizing project
  • ATS – automation of processes used to produce medical equipment
  • Stihl

“Steve is very outgoing and easily gains the trust of the customer,” said Jason. “He is a great advocate for AMT – he demonstrates this when talking to others, telling them how great it is to work for AMT.”

Steve enjoys many different aspects of his work. “My job has allowed me to work on a variety of projects that give me opportunities to learn new systems, processes, and technologies, including manufacturing processes across a wide range of industries,” said Steve. “I also enjoy traveling to different parts of the country and working with a diverse customer base.”

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Steve’s family moved around quite a bit while he was growing up, having resided in North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee before finally settling in Michigan in 2010.

Steve’s favorite way to spend time outside of work is with his family. “I have a wonderful wife, Rachael, and we have been married for four years. We have two dogs Winnie and Dougal (our children). My parents and sister all live in Michigan and my sister has 4-year-old twins, Charlotte and Elijah.”

Steve pursues a variety of hobbies, describing himself as an “avid gamer.” He also enjoys travel (two favorite destinations are Bahamas and Florida), and outdoor pursuits such as hiking, camping, and disc golf.

Reflecting on his career so far, Steve says, “I have enjoyed working with the AMT team and knowing that we have a fantastic support system that ensures we can be successful on all of our jobs.”

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