Recent Oakland University Grad Brendan Zarycky Joins AMT

blog.appliedmfg.comhs-fshubfsAMT Brendan Zarycky(1)Blog post by Automation Engineer Brendan Zarycky who joined AMT in 2022 after receiving his Bachelor of Engineering in electrical and electronics engineering from Oakland University.

Hi everyone, I have been working at AMT since February 2, 2022. I wanted to share the experiences I have had since starting at AMT. After graduating from Oakland University, I had little-to-no job experience as an engineer due to covid-19 limiting my opportunities. The previous summer, I was sending resumes to multiple locations all summer long to gain any engineering experience before graduating. I only got only three responses over that summer to tell me the opening was filled, or they were not hiring at the time. All the other resumes I sent never gave a hint of acknowledgement. I was very worried if I could find any opportunity after graduating. However, during the Oakland University Senior Design Expo, I met my current managers, AJ Kahler and Jason Markesino. After having a discussion with them and expressing a huge interest in working with robots, they gave me their business cards. After graduating, I contacted and interviewed with them. I was given an opportunity to work in the Automation Service Department at AMT, and I accepted.

After accepting, I trained with my managers and fellow coworkers. Everyone I have worked with has been amazing and supportive. I was always worried that I would get thrown into the deep end, but at AMT this has not happened. My managers and co-workers have always been willing to support and train me. AMT has created a great working environment that supports new employees, whether it be at the home office working on AMT training labs or working on-site at other companies. AMT has been a great experience and I am excited to work on more projects for AMT.

I would like to thank AJ Kahler, Jason Markesino, Lawrence Nixon, Nathan Koenig, and Jordan Grawbarger. They have taught me a lot about being an automation engineer.

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