AMT paper industry

Helping Paper-Industry Client Start Production After OEM Mishap

Applied Manufacturing Technologies partners with client to overcome major challenges when installing and adding safety protocols to overseas manufacturing equipment and reprogramming stand-alone systems to work together in a robotic production cell. The diverse...

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Applied Manufacturing Technologies PLC COntrolled Robots

PLC Controlled Robots

PLC controlled robots are not a magic bullet, but can provide cost savings to manufacturers by limiting the specialized support traditionally needed to manage robotic automation.

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AMT blog apple distribution(1)

The Next Time you Sink Your Teeth Into a Juicy Apple, Thank AMT

Blog post by Senior Human Resources Representative Judy Arbuckle

AMT’s controls team played a key role in the handling of millions of apples and pears distributed to markets across the U.S. and internationally. A leading fruit distributor, located just east of the...

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AMT controls

Need a Controls Solutions Partner? We Can Help!

"We didn't know you do custom machine controls," is a customer comment we hope never to hear.

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